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This section describes the databases used on this site and the tables used in the practical training.

1. About SQL standards

The database for this site uses MySQL and conforms to SQL-92, the same as the scope of the Information Technology Engineer Examination.

2. tables to be used for practical training

The tables used in the exercise are configured as follows, using the same configuration as the sample tables that are created when Oracle is installed.

EMP Table
Column nameColumn DescriptionData type
EMPNOEmployee NumberNumber
ENAMEEmployee Namevarchar2
HIREDATEDate of Adoptiondate
COMMpercentage payNumber
DEPTNODepartment No.Number

DEPT Table
Column nameColumn DescriptionData type
DEPTNODepartment No.Number
DNAMEDepartment namevarchar2

3. How to execute SQL

This site allows you to execute SQL on the web. The purpose of this site is to deepen your understanding and to fix in your memory by solving the practice problems on each page and actually executing the SQL that you have learned. Try executing SQL according to the following practice questions.

practice problem

Click on the Execute button. The SQL (SELECT * FROM EMP) in the text input area will be executed and the execution results will be displayed below it.

Did it display well? This concludes the Introduction.